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Black Women Millionaires Blueprint Tour
A Proven Path to Make Your Mark, Make a Difference, And Make Millions — On Your OWN Terms!
ATTENTION: Authentic, Powerful, and Proud Black Women Entrepreneurs who are DEAD SERIOUS about breaking the seven-figure mark (be it your first million or your first STRESS-FREE million #holla)—on your OWN terms!
Join me, Dr. Venus Opal Reese, your “Black Women Millionaires Mentor,”™ in the city nearest you for a LIVE in-person event that will put you on a PROVEN and PROFITABLE collision course to YOUR 7-figure destiny!

4 hours of fun, deep connection, and mind-blowing business training that is custom designed for Black Women entrepreneurs serious about making paper! Imagine it. You. Me. And a loving gathering of other purpose-driven, high-achieving, super successful like-hearted sister entrepreneurs learning the PROVEN internal secrets and external strategies of Black Women Millionaires (from a Black Woman Millionaire) that the country club “in-crowd” will NEVER tell YOU (#holla) so YOU can do the same. And to top it all off, you will enjoy our signature “Money Mogul™ Entrepreneur’s Market Match Reception” immediately following the workshop, with delicious appetizers and a drinks (complimentary as my gift to you)!
Look, sis…
  • Is it time for you to make YOUR mark on the world and get paid TOP DOLLAR for your unique game-changing genius—on your OWN terms?
  • Do you want to break the historical and generational curse of Black Women being the cash cow, scapegoat, or beast of burden for somebody else’s dream?
  • Are you sick of piecemeal tactics, reinventing the wheel, guessing, or trial and erroring your business—only to continually spin your wheels, going nowhere fast?
  • Are you done with past failures, hurts, and disappointments having a choke hold on your 7-figure future and are now on the hunt for a PROVEN system that honors your lived experience (and heals your heart) as a proud, authentic, and brilliant Black Woman with a destiny?
valentine heart shape made by dollars isolated on white

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then make plans to join me for an evening of mind-blowing business training and heart-connection networking. This event is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn DIRECTLY from a Black Woman Millionaire mentor and make new friends with like-hearted sisters who are DEAD SERIOUS about being in the 2% of women WORLDWIDE who EVER break the million-dollar mark.

During this LIVE, 4-hour event with me, you will discover:

The COLD hard truth why you haven’t hit the 7-figure mark by now. (This truth will blow your mind AND set you free!)

Three inner secrets EVERY Black Woman Millionaire I know used to fast-track it to the 7-figure mark—on her own terms with grace and ease.

Two types of money EVERY 7-figure sister knows about. (Do you?)

The #1 secret to fast-tracking it to 7-figure success. (This secret generated $1.7 million for one of my clients. It’s a game-changer!)

US Money bag with green dollar symbol

Not only will you learn PROFOUND and PROFITABLE insider secrets of 7-figure sisters, but I am also making it my business to make sure you LEAVE with business connections you can cash in on right away! Directly following the training, I will guide you through the Defy Impossible “Money Mogul” Entrepreneur’s Heart-Connection System so you can connect deeply with several different women in the room who are a market match for YOU. (How cool is that???)

And to top it all off, I’ll also be sharing the exact strategies my clients have used to make over $7,000,000 in business and that have fast-tracked me to the million-dollar mark in just 3 years!

Oh! I almost forgot!
Make sure to bring your pen and pad for our training session so you can capture—and then implement!!!—PROVEN insider secrets of authentic 7-figure sisters and our Multi-Millionaire Mentors.
Don’t forget your camera, so you can take photos together during our “Money Mogul” Entrepreneurs’ Market Match Connection Reception. Afterward, we can tag each other on Facebook! (FUN!!!)

We will wrap up this session with YOU receiving an awesome opportunity to learn a REVOLUTIONARY approach to make money (even millions) that will put you on the fast track to 7-figure success as well as meet and mingle with actual Black Women millionaires in the lap of luxury—Hollywood style!
Dr Venus Has Been Featured On:

Dr. Venus Opal Reese
Your “Black Women Millionaire” Mentor
Inspirational Speaker, Black Women Millionaire Mentor, and founder/CEO of Defy Impossible, Inc., Dr. Venus Opal Reese has consulted for O Magazine and has been featured in Forbes, Ebony’s 12th Annual Wealth Issue, on ABC News, CBS News, PBS, in Glamour magazine, Diversity Inc., the Associated Press, on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, and is a regular contributor to Heart and Soul Magazine/TV.

Dr. Venus was a walking statistic. She went from living on the “mean” streets of Baltimore, to Stanford PhD, to seven-figure sister. Her clients have generated over 7 million in revenue using her PROVEN programs, systems and strategies. Dr. Venus knows what it takes to break through inner glass ceilings that limit performance. She teaches purpose-driven, high-achieving Black Women professionals, entrepreneurs, experts, and executives how to defy their impossible to break the million-dollar mark—on their own terms.

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